All you need is love.

"A lua que eu mais gosto é a lua nova... e a crescente, porque lembra o sorriso do Cheshire Cat."
bacante boêmia vênus invisível veleia volátil e vil - em vão?

Black star dancing in the end of life.

Take these broken lights and learn to shine.

All your life, you were only waiting to this moment to be loved.

10 de março de 2012

Black Swan - by Gabriela Ziegler (enlgish version)

The soft-psychotic delusional hysteric and the beauty of the macabre narcicism, sex, dancing (and) death, this film by Darren Aronofsky, who won an Academy Award for Best Actress Natalie Portman, brings us into very peculiar feelings.

  The story is summarized as follows: the ballerina Nina wants the lead role of Queen of the Swans, which will incorporate the two sisters: the White Swan and Black Swan. But she is afraid of losing the paper, the arrival of a competitor, Lily, accentuates this fear, and also makes her encounter with sides of his personality that she still denies. She becomes involved with Lily, an attempt of the 'forget the differences "by going to a party with her and doing drugs.

  Nina lives since then a series of delusions, where everything seems to crumble around him, from his own image to the world around them, and where everyone seems to want persecute it and destroy it. She believes he is turning into a swan, and have within themselves both swans. She believes hurt the other, when in fact injured herself. In his final show, she dances all the pain of a lifetime, and although he is dancing with her dance company, she dances self-centered in their feelings, and may still have a last glimpse of his mother, moved with her daughter

  On witnessing this spectacle, we have the impression also be dancing, beautiful but painfully, we feel all sensations in the skin and despair so common to us all. The body, which is home to our soul suffers with it, live with it, dies with her. And our society does or sometimes we overestimate or alienated us from our bodies, hence the origin of modern neurosis.

   Lily reflects on all she is afraid to be: sensual, self confident, arrogant, brave, free. These aspects of it are so repressed that when faced with this picture, it all comes to light it, as the Black Swan, White Swan in opposition to, that its director says more consistent with his personality. So that side of evil is awakened in her, and that is when she wants to destroy all the fetters from the rival, overprotective mother, and life itself finally.

  There are a lot more mystical sense behind all this: there is a female, the yin, as opposed to Male, the Yang, the archetypes of good women and bad women, the sexual and emotional maturity, the birth of wings, the analogy to the Ugly Duckling, which is actually a swan, our mirrors on the other, our dark side who insist on pretending that doesn’t exist, the hierarchies in the art, the traditions of art  and the dream of liberation, at last.

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